Pilates Book Club

What is pilates book club?

Meet Cute’s mission is to create a community of people who love romance. We started the Pilates Book Club to help people get moving, make new friends, and enjoy a great romance novel.

Pilates Book Club lasts for four weeks and starts the first Wednesday of every month. You will receive a Romance Novel during the first week before Pilates class. In the following weeks, you’ll enjoy 45-minute Pilates sessions with No Bad Days Pilates, suitable for all levels and bodies. At the end of the four weeks, we’ll all get together for a fun discussion about the book, with drinks and snacks.

Price varies depending on location.


Pilates Book Club is an opportunity to move your body, read a fun romance book, and meet new people. Pilates is taught by No bad Days’ Nelca B, who takes into consideration all levels and body types.

In the first week, you will receive your romance book and meet the other members before having an introductory Pilates class. On the fourth week after Pilates we will have drinks and snacks and discuss the book.

Pilates Book Club does have a fee, dependent on the location. The price includes four 45-minute pilates classes, a new romance book, and drinks and food for the last session.

Beginning January 2024, Pilates Book club will start at the top of the month and last four weeks.

Meet Cute hosts a West End book club and an East End book club. Joining our mailing list to be notified when the next round is starting and where it will be held.

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